Pogo Fest 24.04.2009 Live Report

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Pogo Fest 24.04.2009 Live Report

Post  BigGirlWithAGun on Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:55 am

The first sounds coming from the stage were those made by the guys from The Barricade warming up at 9:05 PM.
They started the show at 9.14 PM
The Barricade, from Targu Mures, plays a brand of punk-rock, that sounds more violent when played live (d'oh!), than it does on their myspace page (The Barricade). These guys play songs that make you wanna cheer along with them "Fuck you!"-like the one called "Junks not Cops", which starts out mellow and then, at the end, turns into a fucking horror show! They play songs about drinking alcohol and smoking weed (is that punk apropiate?!)-"Drunk'n'High", „Lala”; anti-political songs ("Politicians"); anti-nazi songs ("Anti Nazi Song"-how original!?), that never seem to miss from the usual punk rock repertoire. They even have a "love" song called D'n'B which sounds a lot more serious thant the rest; and one about homeless people (go figure!). They even pulled off a NOFX cover. I was pleasantly surprised. All in all they're a decent punk rock band (mohawks included)-young and full of potential-supporting the underground punk movement! We're hoping to see more and more of them on the stage. They proved that they know how to write and play good music, so they earned their "newcoming young hopes for the punk scene" title.

The Barricade finnished their setlist at 9.35 PM.

After a short change over, Nivelu' 4 got up on stage and began their soundcheck at 9.55 PM. Shortly after that they started their thing. From their first song right to the end of their performance Nivelu’ 4 managed to keep a wide smile on my face. And it was a satisfied smile.
They play their music with passion, while at the same time being relaxed. Only ska-punk sounds good with romanian lyrics. Nivelu’ 4 understood that. Their sound is professional, they’re talented musicians, the have imagination and a sort of playfulness that is just what a ska punk band needs.
I was surprised to see how good a ska band can sound with a keyboard replacing the trompet.
Nivelu’ 4 sings about romanians’ childhood obsessions-Turbo chewing gum („Turbo”), about the overwhelming stupidity and mental filth that surrounds us („Lista Neagra”), they sing about having a good time and leaving the party only when you’re shitfaced drunk („Cu Prietenii”). During their third song („Turbo”) the people in the crowd (which must have been around 25 at the moment) started the pogo. We had skanking, we had boys and girls pogo-ing, we had a good time. Nivelu’ 4 played a great NOFX cover-„All Outta Angst”- and an awesome Catch 22 cover-„1234”. And let’s not forget their cover/re-make of the Suie Paparude song-„Armada Verbala”. The pogo at this concert started with Nivelu’ 4. They ended their performance smoothly with their song called „Cu Prietenii”, which they dedicated to everybody in the audience. Great ska-punk, well played, sound was ok, hoping to see them again; already missing those funny lyrics and that charming romanian ska sound!

Nivelu’ 4 got off stage at 10.33 PM.

At 10.45 PM Coercion got on stage and started checking the sound. These guys began playing at 10.53 PM. Launching straight off with a very raw sound they set fire to the place. Their frontman, Alex, has what it takes to make you wanna jump into the pogo-pit. Coercion plays it loud (describing their own sound as „something really annoying”), fast and violent. They attack everybody that doesn’t fit their „ethic” code: the police, the church, emo-fucks etc.-their socio-political harcore punk is just what young and angry misfits need-they will get you screaming OI OI OI! in no time. Starting out with their self-titled song („Coercion”) they quickly gathered their fans in front of the stage in one big happy pogo family. Everybody was jumping, some people were even singing along, proof that Coercion is not your average no-name band. These guys have style, energy, spunk and bestiality. They’re vulgar, they’re misfits, they’re funny and by the looks of thing they will stop at nothing. Their songs talk, among other things, about the wrongs that exist in our country, about the fucked up, lousy, evil system that rules our lives („CTHC”-the highlight of their show), about the generation gap („Retirement Probably Sucks”). They dedicated their cover of „Empty Lives” (from Star Fucking Hipsters) to Poke and ended their show with an Agnostic Front cover.
Coercion (from Constanta) are angry, without being frustrated, they play high-quality aggressive punk music for those who refuse to adapt to this shitty system, and they play it well. I’m only waiting for them to keep their promise: „We’ll bring back revolution!”

At 11.35 PM Recycle Bin (from Bucharest) were well into their first song. Now here is an old (as in "major serious business") punk band. I only got to write some impressions in my little notebook until I jumped off my stool and started dancing-just about when they started the third song.
These guys just blew everything away. Their anti-stupidity street punk tunes make you wanna pogo and go insane, but most of all it makes you think about the state of the world. And what an awfull state it is isn't it?!
Besides their socio-political-oriented songs like „Unde Sunteti”, „Meseria Bratara de Aur”, their ludic spirit excels in the song „Broasca”, parody after a folk song by Radu Gheorghe, where the singer suggests we should drink palinca. Cheers! It can’t get anymore punk than Recycle Bin. All the youngsters in the audience were jumping around, singing along, having a good time…as they should at a punk concert.
Recycle Bin are a well put together band, professional musicians (at least they sound professional to me!), aggressive, motivated; they play educative songs, tracks that make you wanna go out and change something in this stupid fucked up country. From what I understand they have a series of projects that they will hopefully fullfill for the greater good of the underground punk scene! Looking forward to the next Recycle Bin concert, just to get my well-deserved dose of high-quality romanian street punk.

A big and heartfelt „Thank You!” goes out to Tomberon Records for making everything possible, to Suburbia Club, to the bands that made this night an unforgetable one and nonetheless to Pokemon to whom we pay our homage.

Cosmin-you will live in our hearts forever!


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Post  Bitza-Re on Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:56 pm

Multumim pentru acest review. In sfarsit exista cineva care participa la un eveniment si face un review cat se poate de obiectiv si complet. cheers Multumim ca ati fost acolo si va mai asteptam si cu alte ocazii.
Bafta multa si spor la ce faceti, c-o faceti bine! cheers


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