FARMER'S BLVD - East Europe Tour 2009

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FARMER'S BLVD - East Europe Tour 2009

Post  Diazenis on Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:53 pm

FARMER'S BOULEVARD - Leipzig AllSchool Hardcore

Founded in 1997, this band from Leipzig is now one of the older continuously existing hardcore bands from Germany. The music can be described as all school hardcore, loud, fast, without compromises and political as hardcore should be, no crude tough guy poseur stuff. Up until now Farmerís Boulevard have played in the following countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Currently the schedule looks like this:

May 14th - Poland - Olzstyn
May 15th - Lithuania - Vilnius
May 16th - Latvia - Liepaja
May 17th - Lithuania - Kaunas - TBA
May 18th - Belarus - Grodno - CANCELLED, NEED HELP HERE
May 19th - Belarus - Baranovichi
May 20th - Belarus - Minsk
May 21st - Ukraine - Kiev
May 22nd - Ukraine - Odessa
May 23rd - Day off
May 24th - Romania - Iasi
May 25th - Romania - Cluj-Napoca
May 26th - Romania - Bucureşti
May 27th - Romania - we need help here.
May 28th - Hungary - Szentes
May 29th - Croatia - Pula
May 30th - Slovenia - Koper
May 31st - Czech Republic - Velesin

So if you live in one of those country or neighbor countries please write us for more info if you can help out with a show or a few contacts!


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