Red Carpet-newest album by Farmer's Boulevard

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Red Carpet-newest album by Farmer's Boulevard

Post  BigGirlWithAGun on Fri May 01, 2009 5:31 pm

This album starts out raw with "Rock that Away", a song that raises the well-known, but never old, problem: "What went wrong in this world?". It's a song that grips and shakes you hard, screaming in your face "Wake up!". From the very beginning, Farmer's Boulevard reaches out to the listener, trying to make him realize that "A consciously spent day is a new piece of freedom". Just the kind of subject that fits like a glove this sort of aggressive music. Or maybe it's the other way around? The message is made clear by the screeching vocals that cannot be ignored even if you turn your stereo down low.
Track no. 2 is a fast/mid tempo cultural and social statement: it speaks about how every single value promoted by the "majority" (a.k.a The State-the all knowing, full of good intentions and ever-trying-to-transform-you-into-stupid-sheep state) is equal to 0 to the ones that know what real life is all about. A well-deserved slap in the face for the system that tries to control the minds and lives of the many. Hardcore is a state of mind that can never identify with the gruby and fascist system that rules in Deutschland, hence the lyrics: " We cannot identify with this state[...]No need for your commercial values/ Survival-of-the-profit sucks!".
"Burn the Flags" says it all just by reading the title. A well constructed song, that instigates the mind to think against the rules that falsely advertise order, when they actually kill freedom, promoting fear and using violence in the name of civilisation: "hide yourself behind the words while killing with the statute book".
"Fight the Human Robots" screams the 4th song. And we should all be fighting againt this numbness that caught everyone in it's cold grip since the begining of civilisation. This song is highly introspective and many young people, or maybe every single inteligent human being has at least once in their life thought about how we all become robots, parts of this huge machine called "the system of life", being much more happier if we just give up the fight and feeling, and just stick to rutine, becoming more and more numb and mechanical. This song cries sadness, because the human being realizes that it's caught between feeling-and that involves a lot of pain-and not feeling-and that means being part of the machine.
"6th sense" is about experiencing the loss of control and searching for that inner strenght, which brings you peace on the inside. It's about being consumed by your emotions. This confused state of mind, that many people experience, might just be the very proof that you are alive. A very mature conclusion derives from this song-Don't be afraid to feel, even if what you feel may scare you...It's ok to feel because "these emotions let me know I'm alive!".
"FB vs Lies" is a 55 seconds powerfull piece. Lies was originally written and performed by Violated Seizure.
"Don't forget Africa", the 7th track off "Red Carpet", raises the question: "What are we paying for?" Are we paying for the ones who really need help or for the benefit of assholes who try to gather a reputation from saving the third wolrd countries without really carring for the ones that are left behind by destiny? Charity is a two-faced bitch. Politically controlled media is not the real saviour. FB is telling you to be carefull when you watch the news. Nothing you see on TV is reflecting the true state of affairs. It's a question of reality vs. hypocrisy. The crisis is real, but do we really help by giving money for a noble cause to the people who care more about their reputation than about people starving in Africa?
"Trust in Me" reaches out to the fans and to people who simpatize. It's a solemn promise that FB are not here to feed you bullshit, but help you, it's a promise that strenghtens what their music is about: telling the truth and nothing but the raw truth.
"The Statement" is as anti-nazi as hardcore gets. There is no use in commenting on this song, I'll only leave you with this FB statement" "Good night white pride, zero tolerance to right wing assholes?/ Get us right and straight, this is our statement: FUCK OFF!"; "No nazi scum on hardcore shows" and that's final!
The 10th track is called "Knock Me Down (Destination: Death)". Again FB ask questions about the state of the world. What good is a war for oil? Why does the system try to corrupt us and make us fight like brainless zombies against eachother? What good does unmotivated hate against eachother does us? None. When civilised countries think that they have the right to police the world all hell breaks loose. It's already becan, even long before the modern age. What can we do? Stand strong against this consumist-no brain civilisation we live in. Refuse to live by the code that the system tells you to. Reject modern "civilisation", that equals only greed and the need to control those who don't have as much as it does.
The last (but not least) song from Red Carpet is called "Hardcore is Fucking Dead". It's a very energic song that talks about how the whole hardcore scene has degraded, turning form a scene to a scenery. It's that "form based on no ideea" concept that we all know about. That shallow, no-content music that gets us nowhere. For FB, hardcore has to be socially and politically orieted, or it's no hardcore at all.
This album even has a hidden track, sung in german.

Overall, this album is a must-have piece of hardcore history that fits well an afternoon of reflecting on the state of the world or a drinking party, or even a day of running down nazis with your car.
I suggest you get your hands on this album as quickly as possible because, if you already know what to do, this album will give you the will to do it. And if you don't, well, Farmer's Boulevard will show you how.
Also you should come see them perform live as they are on tour in Europe and they have 3 SHOWS IN ROMANIA!
If you wanna download some free FB albums go to:



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